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The Molten Volleyball Club was organized in 1984. Coach Vee Hiapo and a group of All-American Seniors from BYU-Hawaii, University of Hawaii-Manoa/Hilo formed the first team.

This team remained together for five years and won numerous tournaments in Hawaii and obtained 2nd place in the USA Women’s National Tournament. The success of the club continued with the training of high school athletes. Molten Juniors has produced many athletes that continued their careers through college, the USA National Team and the Olympic Team. Two former athletes are currently coaching on the National Team and the professional league. Many others are successful coaches in high school and operate their own clubs.

In 1991, the Hiapo’s moved to Arizona and the Molten Volleyball Club ceased. The Hiapo’s coached with IMUA Volleyball Club of Arizona. Molten was revived in 1994. Athletes continued to be successful in high school, and pursued prominent careers in college. Like their Hawaii predecessors, awesome club and high school coaches were developed.

The Hiapo’s then moved to New Mexico. Coach Brian Hiapo completed his college education, and Coach Vee Hiapo supported the family through coaching at the University. The Hiapo’s are now back in Arizona, and so is the Molten Volleyball Club of Arizona.

Watch the video about the three generations of this volleyball family!

In 2019, Molten Volleyball Club reached their 31st year in existence. After having many successful years at the Junior College National level, and three State Boys High School Championships, Coach Vee Hiapo is currently the Head Varsity Volleyball Coach for the girls program at Skyline High School. Coach Brian Hiapo also coaches with the girls at Skyline and is the Boys Varsity Head Coach at Campo Verde High School. Both are still sharing their love and knowledge of the sport to all they come in contact with.

3 Generations of Volleyball


Looking to participate in a sport that requires skill, strength, strategic thinking and the desire to play as part of a team? Whatever level you play at, volleyball can enhance your life, improving fitness, strength and coordination.

You'll find our club a great place to learn new skills and meet new friends.  We emphasize the strong foundation of good skill development for regular and tournament play.

And it's always family first--that's why we don't play on Sundays.

Club Philosophy

Molten Volleyball Club provides an opportunity for athletes to participate in a sport that will help them develop their fundamental skills of the game, as well as develop character, respect, integrity, and discipline of mind and body in an attempt to reach their full potential both on and off the court in a positive environment.

  • 1st - Family
  • 2nd - Church and Academics
  • 3rd - Volleyball

If family, church or academic activities unavoidably fall on practice nights or conflict with tournament play, the player must make the choice as to their priorities.

The player is responsible for notifying the coach ahead of time so alternate arrangements can be made for the team. As with all choices, there are consequences. Membership entitles the player to participate in practices and tournaments as designated by the club.

Equal opportunity to participate will be provided during practice. Playing time is not guaranteed in tournaments. Factors determining playing time will include attitude, attendance, punctuality, position, skill level and work ethic.

It is our goal to give playing time to every athlete at every tournament, especially if he/she has exhibited the above traits. Maintaining membership on a specific team is at the discretion of the club staff. Movements from team to team take place at the sole discretion of the club staff and are based upon needs of the team(s) and the development of the player, including skills, commitment, coach ability, behavior, attitude, etc.

Molten Volleyball Club Partners and Affiliates

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Jody Owen - Business and Life Coaching / Consulting

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BJ (Brian Jr.) Hiapo

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