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COVID-19 Procedure

MOLTEN covid-19 Procedure

Continuity and consistency of volleyball play is important to the Molten Volleyball Club. Molten is ready and prepared for a possible COVID shutdown, if the need arises. 




If a shutdown due to COVID occurs, Molten 's coaching staff has designed a special virtual training program for all athletes. The athletes will have a 2-6 day training program. Coaches will also virtually coach the athlete 1-2 times a week during any potential shutdown. Our program is designed to be a minimum of 8 weeks, which can be increased/decreased depending on the need. It will be a virtual training combined with an outdoor training. 

head trainer and virtual training instructor

We are also fortunate to welcome our Head Trainer Jimmy Snuka. Coach Snuka will be mainly training the Open Teams in preparation for their out-of-state tournaments and potential collegiate careers. Coach Snuka has personally trained many top Division 1 athletes, including his PAC-12 Setter of the Year, 2-time First Team All-Setter Daughter Penina. Coach Snuka has also trained Arizona State Player of the Year and High School First Team All-America Kamaile Hiapo. 
"Coach help me to build more muscle strength and endurance without hurting my body to accomplish greater tasks. Coach helped me to be the best at anything I work towards!' -Kamaile Hiapo

Coach Snuka will also help in preparation for any shutdown, by helping with the outdoor training. 

More information will be provided for the Virtual and Outdoor Training if the need arises.