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Things to do for tryouts

Here's what you need to get ready to register for tryouts:

  1. Make sure you are registered for the current year with USAV (registration link on the website) and download a copy of the card to bring with you to tryouts.
  2. Have your credit card info available to pay the $20 non-refundable tryout fee online.
  3. After you have all the information ready, then go to the registration link on the website and follow the prompts through the system.

  4. Near the end, you will be asked to PRINT OUT and complete the forms to bring with you to the tryouts:

  • Medical Release
  • Concussion
  • Safe Sport form
  • AZ Region COVID-19 Release
  1. Complete the registration and pay the tryout fee.


You will also need to bring:

  • Copy of your USAV card for the current year
  • Birth certificate (if you are new to Molten Volleyball Club)
  • Checkbook or cash for commitment fee at the end of tryouts to secure your player's spot on the team

On the day of the tryouts:

  1. If the player did not attend any of the Open House/Gym sessions leading up to the tryouts for the current season, the parent will need to sign a waiver for them to get on the court.  You can download that on the website.
  2. When you check in, go to the line that that matches the players current ageAlthough your player may end up playing on a different team, they need to get the colored tag that corresponds with their age.
  3. You will hand in the forms you have downloaded, filled out and signed (Medical, Concussion, SafeSport and COVID-19 Release), a copy of your USAV card, and birth certificate (if new to Molten) as well as the waiver to get on the gym floor if needed.
  4. As you check in, your player will be handed a number with the color assigned to their age group.  Please pin them to your player’s back in a place that doesn't interfere with their arm swings. The players will be moved around to different groups during the tryouts but need to have the designated age-appropriate number for the coaches to see.
  5. Parents need to come to the mandatory parent meeting.   Each year, things change a bit, so even if you have been with Molten before, we need at least one parent for each player there.
  6. If your player makes a team, the commitment fee will be collected at the end of the tryouts.  This will hold the player's position on the team.  If the fee is not paid that day, then the position is not secure.  These payments are not made online, so bring a check or cash for this payment.  The additional scheduled payments for the club may be made online with debit or credit cards after this initial commitment fee.
  7. While the parent is paying the $400 commitment fee and returning the player's number, the player will be trying on uniforms and reporting their sizes.
  8. Go to your app store and get the free “sports engine” app.  This will be used to communicate practice and tournament information, and any other important information to the players and parents. It also has a group chat feature so you can coordinate information for the tournaments, connect with other parents, etc. 
  9. You will be able to connect to your player's team on the app after rostering has been completed by Molten Volleyball Club, which is usually within a week after tryouts.

To recap:

Before Tryouts

At Tryouts

After Tryouts

  • Come to Open Gym/Houses (sign waiver and pay $10 fee)
  • Complete current year registration with USAV and make a copy to bring with you at tryouts
  • Compete COVID Waiver
  • Register online following the prompts and download and complete the forms at the end of the online registration process
  • Complete the registration and pay the $20 tryout fee
  • Copy your player’s birth certificate if they are a new player at Molten and bring it with you to tryouts


  • Bring completed forms and your checkbook
  • Check in at the spot for your player’s age
  • Pin the number to their back
  • Parents come to the Parent Meeting while players are in the gym
  • Return the player’s number to the desk and pay the commitment fee to secure their spot
  • Players will try on uniforms and report their sizes
  • Download the sports engine app and connect to your team after about a week
  • Watch for emails with  additional information and invoices for payments


If your player did not make a team:

  • Return the player's number to the desk
  • You may speak to the coaches for addition discussion about options

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MAHALO TO ALL THOSE WHO JOINED THE Molten girls OHANA for the 2020-2021 season!

Girls Tryouts are now completed! We are excited to begin this new season with you. Please refer to the website for all information. If you have any questions, please feel free to email

Mahalo and good luck!!

(You will be required to create a Sports Engine account to complete registration.) 

Payment Schedule

Note: Payments change per season. 

There are two different payment schedules according to the type of team your daughter will tryout for. 
1. Travel team- these teams will be travelling to various places outside of Arizona to compete. On the payment schedule, it will show what extra payments need to be paid to cover travel expenses. 
2. Region (Non-Travel)- these teams will not be travelling outside of Arizona, but will play the regular Region Volleyball schedule. 

COVID Update for Tryouts

Please be advised that due to COVID-19 restrictions, parents will not be allowed to be in the gym during the tryout session. Parents can attend the parents meeting during tryouts in another location near the gym, but after will be prompted to exit the facility. When your child arrives for check-in, they will have their temperature checked and will be asked a series of COVID related questions. If they answer yes to having some symptoms, they will be required to return home.  Please have a way for your child to contact you if they are not allowed to tryout due to this requirement. Thank you for helping us to keep your children and others safe. 

At the end of your player’s tryout season, they will know if they made a particular team or not. If your player does make a team, they will fit for uniforms and pay the non-refundable commitment fee of $450.00 Please make checks payable to “Molten Sports”. Sorry, Credit cards will not be accepted for on-site payment towards this commitment fee.

Failure to pay at this time of the tryout process will remove your player’s name off the team’s roster and the position will be immediately filled by another player.

As your child exits the facility, please return your issued tryout number and grab a fundraising packet if you are serious about participating in our fundraisers.

If your child makes a team, you will receive a call from your child’s coach regarding further details on practices, etc.  Please check our website for updates.

Thank you for choosing Molten Volleyball Club!

Contact Coach Brian Hiapo 480-215-6075, or Kahealani Lilo 480-868-9538
Also, by email at:

COVID requirements:

  • COVID-19 Waiver (signed and dated) 
  • Mask
    • Coaches and Players are REQUIRED to wear masks. (They can only be taken off when playing on the court.) 
  • Water bottle
    • Water fountains will be shut down to prevent spread. 
  • Hand Sanitizer (optional and suggested) 


Molten Volleyball Club Partners and Affiliates

Interested in becoming a sponsor of Molten Volleyball Club? Contact us today!

Sponsored by BJ (Brian Jr.) Hiapo

BJ (Brian Jr.) Hiapo

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Sponsored by Jody Owen - Soul Alignment Coach

Jody Owen - Soul Alignment Coach

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Jody helps people become more empowered in their lives through aligning with their soul's purpose and mission.  She also does energy reading.

Sponsored by Accurate Automotive

Accurate Automotive

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Accurate Automotive has an excellent reputation and is located near downtown Mesa.  They also provide cards for discounted services that the players can sell in their fundraising efforts.  Thank you for your support!