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Phoenix Festival!

In the calendar you will find times and locations for the festival practices coming up! 

Just a reminder of when the Phoenix Festival is:

  • 12-13's : June 26-29 (we will not be playing on the Sunday)
  • 14-17's: June 30th-July 3rd

If you have any more questions, here is the link for the festival

Williams Field Black Hawk Volleyball Camp

Williams Field Black Hawk Volleyball camp is open for registration! This is a two week volleyball camp that teaches the fundamentals, strategies, and technique for good volleyball playing.  This camp is for kids all the way from Kindergarten to High School!

Dates: July 12-15 & July 19-22
Where: Williams Field High School
Times: Dependent on the grade level

Click on the link below and it will take you to the registration page. It will also give prices and times for the camp. Please be sure to choose the grade level they will be attending. 

Hope to see you there!

Payment Schedule

Note: Payments change per season. 

There are two different payment schedules according to the type of team your daughter will tryout for. 
1. Travel team- these teams will be travelling to various places outside of Arizona to compete. On the payment schedule, it will show what extra payments need to be paid to cover travel expenses. 
2. Region (Non-Travel)- these teams will not be travelling outside of Arizona, but will play the regular Region Volleyball schedule. 



We are also fortunate to welcome our Head Trainer Jimmy Snuka. Coach Snuka will be mainly training the Open Teams in preparation for their out-of-state tournaments and potential collegiate careers. Coach Snuka has personally trained many top Division 1 athletes, including his PAC-12 Setter of the Year, 2-time First Team All-Setter Daughter Penina. Coach Snuka has also trained Arizona State Player of the Year and High School First Team All-America Kamaile Hiapo. 
"Coach help me to build more muscle strength and endurance without hurting my body to accomplish greater tasks. Coach helped me to be the best at anything I work towards!' -Kamaile Hiapo

Coach Snuka will also help in preparation for any shutdown, by helping with the outdoor training. 

More information will be provided for the Virtual and Outdoor Training if the need arises. 

Virtual and Outside Training


(Molten, AAU, USAV, NCAA Seniors Only)

USAV Registration

Check AZ Region Website for update on new changes to register for USAV

NCAA Registration

Brian Hiapo

Brian Hiapo

Phone: 480-215-6075

Mailing Address

70 S. Val Vista Dr. #A3-233
Gilbert, AZ 85296